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Mind blowing – child protection training in NZ

The info in this clip may surprise you…
We have learnt some mind-blowing information over the last year. In this video we talk to 5 different people, who are or will be, working with children everyday. They reveal the actual extent of training that is often provided within these fields of work for child protection.

That is, before Safeguarding Children Initiative, a registered charity, came into the picture to fill this gap in essential preventative and responsive child protection training. Since starting, they have run courses for over 10,000 people across the top of the South Island. They receive no government funding and have to fundraise to continue their work. Our last clip highlighted the real-life importance of this training. Without a doubt, all the people we have met who have been through a Safeguarding Children’s Initiative course have become passionate child safety advocates.

If we cannot see the worth in getting this right as a country, then not only are we adding to the vulnerability of children, the consequences of actually getting it wrong will have significant and detrimental long term impacts on both the child and the health of our society as a whole.

Safeguarding Children’s Initiative are so passionate about making this training available they have provided an online child protection course to reach more people. We are stoked to say that Safeguarding Children are offering all of our ‘Stop the Bus’ Followers an amazing discount! If you are serious about safeguarding children, message us something you learnt in this clip and we will give you a special promo code to access your discount.


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