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Make Children’s Day Every day

On March 4th we celebrate Tamariki (Children’s) Day! The right to experience and explore this world; to discover, learn, play, laugh, develop, dream big; to be loved and to be safe >>>> Here are a few of the many kiwi kids we have met throughout our travels of Aotearoa for #stopthebusnz – kids being kids  *Song: “Small”...MORE

Te Awamutu Link Arms

There are no words to express our emotions as we upload this clip. This was a moment in time when the community of Te Awamutu came together and linked arms down the main street to make a stand against child abuse, recognising that “it takes us all to make a difference.” All walks of life...MORE

Kiwi kid ingenuity

Today is Children’s Day New Zealand. Children’s day, Te Ra O Ngā Tamariki, is all about giving time, praising and encouraging, listening and talking, sharing love and affection and exploring new experiences. It just so happens that today our very own neighborhood in Hazelmere, Te Awamutu had a community picnic and waterfight. Here is an awesome example...MORE

Hotsteppers Fundraiser

A little snippet of some of the fun from our Touch Tournament fundraiser organised by Te Awamutu Hotsteppers inc over the weekend. Please don’t judge the cell phone footage  It tugs at our heart strings to see our community come together like this, young and old all having an epic time.  We have to give a massive...MORE

Te Awamutu White Ribbon Day

What an honour to have been invited to be a part of this White Ribbon event – helping bring the community together and opening up our support networks. A few photos from the day: