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Stop the Bus Charitable Trust (a play on ‘stop the abuse’) was born from a belief that small kindnesses can be as powerful as big systems.  We believe that positive community led initiatives are vital if children in New Zealand are to be valued and live lives free of violence and fear.  We know that a lot of people really do care about the wellbeing of our children, but that many of those people are unsure of how they can personally make a difference.  We want to raise awareness about child abuse and provide discussion, ideas and inspiration for how people can tangibly help children in their own communities.

The Trust’s core objectives are:

  1. To promote the wellbeing of children in New Zealand and a reduction of harm and violence towards children and vulnerable people;
  2. To educate the community and raise awareness of child abuse in New Zealand and to raise awareness of, implement, and support tools, strategies and programmes which reduce harm and violence towards children and vulnerable people;
  3. To benefit the community by coordinating the efforts of organisations and individuals interested in assisting and in providing funding for the reduction of harm to children and vulnerable people;
  4. To inspire members of the public to act to enhance their communities, including by demonstrating that small acts of kindness can have great impact;

We want to promote the trust objectives in a manner which ordinary New Zealanders can relate to and so feel that they can personally be a part of the solution to child abuse in New Zealand.  The Stop The Bus Film Project is the trust’s launch project, involving a family of 6 travelling New Zealand in a house bus, engaging with and sharing stories of what ordinary New Zealanders are doing in their communities to bring value and mana to kiwi kids.  While none of these initiatives instantly fix the issue of child abuse, they open up support networks within communities for children, parents and caregivers in a way that values children.   Each story is shared through the lens of the family in order to capture the heart behind each initiative in an authentic and relatable manner.

The Lane family are on the road for one year and the public can follow their journey through this website and Stop the Bus social media channels.

You can find out how to support Stop the Bus Charitable Trust here.

To make a difference, it takes us all!


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