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The Film Project

To make a difference, it takes us all.

Stop The Bus is an interactive documentary brought to you by the Stop The Bus Charitable Trust and created by Big Kid Films. It follows a family of 6 traveling Aotearoa on a big yellow bus seeking out the stories of what ordinary New Zealanders can do that bring value to kiwi kids. We seek to address the issue of child abuse in a way that switches the discussion from one that leaves us feeling hopeless to one that leaves us feeling hopeful. We know that small acts of kindness can be powerful as big systems… so imagine hundreds and thousands of New Zealanders each doing small acts of kindness for the benefit of our children. We could transform a nation.

If we truly valued our children, we would do whatever it takes to ensure our families don’t become vulnerable; we would speak out and act when we know something isn’t right for a child/parent/caregiver; and we would ensure that all children, regardless of where they come from, receive manaakitanga and are able to dream big for their future.

Chris and Erinna Lane of Big Kid Films along with their 4 sons, Joshua, Noah, Lachie and Theodore, are on the road in the big yellow bus for a year to seek out these stories. As they travel, the Lane family get involved in various community activities, meet the doers, the leaders, the many people in New Zealand who are active in providing initiatives that are bringing about change for the people within their communities. You are able to join them on their journey as they share snippets of these stories, their learnings but also their discovery of our epic big backyard we have here in Aotearoa.

This project was motivated by a ridiculous dream of having people from all walks of life linking arms across the length of New Zealand. Not because that will fix the problem, but as a bold gesture symbolising that we can all be a part of the change for the kids in our community. Because we are crazy and hopeful for our country, we want to do this as part of the Stop The Bus film project.

We want this movement to be so big that it is forever etched as a time in New Zealand history where we as a nation stood for together on this one thing – that all children are our taonga and that means we will actively do whatever it takes to ensure that they are treated as such. Achieving this kaupapa will take us all and so we challenge all towns/cities to take part. This will form a powerful centerpiece for the feature-length documentary released at the end of 2018.

This film project is a core output of the Stop The Bus Charitable Trust which was established to raise awareness about child abuse and educate people on what they can do to bring about change.

The bus, the film gear, and the expenses to date have all been donated by passionate people who want better for our kiwi kids. We are still seeking support to cover our basic film costs. Stop The Bus Charitable Trust is a registered charity and if you would like to support this project you are able to do so through our Givealittle page.

Every little bit counts and we are hugely grateful for all support.