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School Bus to House Bus

We have officially been living on the bus for one whole year!
There is no way we could be gathering all the stories around NZ without a mode of transport and place to live.  This whole journey was based on a crazy vision with no real way of making it happen. For us the bus was never the main story so we barely filmed its renovation apart from a couple of timelapses and some shaky cell phone selfies.  The truth is, the reno process nearly destroyed us as we were under pressure to get started on the actual film project .
Crossing that finish line to get Stop the Bus on the road was only possible because of the many legendary people who offered all kinds of practical support. Phew!
Special mention to Cam & Meredith Stewart, Chris Graham, Andrew Cook, Carl Sheridan, CB Transporters Ltd, Tana Muraahi, Personal Touch Kitchens, Yorrick Webb Electrician, Brent Montague, Fleet ImageAgFirst Engineering, TSV Consultants, Flooring Xtra Te Awamutu, Amplified CustomsGuthrie Bowron, Hans Broeksteeg, Curtis Hanna, Rajah Singh, Logan Jordan, Clements Building, Julie Montague, Kam Chadderton

See the transformation below

Coffee and the Hard Stuff
Mothers in politics – Willow-Jean Prime


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