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The Trust

All funds raised will go to the Stop the Bus Charitable Trust, which is managed by independent Trustees.  All money raised is required to be put towards charitable purposes in New Zealand.  The current project for the Trust is the Stop the Bus Film Project – money raised is likely to include a contribution to budgeted filming and travel costs, so we can raise awareness of child abuse in New Zealand and support the people and groups in our communities who are promoting the wellbeing of children.  Donation decisions will be made by the Trustees of Stop the Bus Charitable Trust.

Stop The Bus Charitable Trust is a ‘not for profit’, registered charity (CC53715) with donee status meaning your donations to this cause are tax deductible.

You can donate via our Givealittle Page here or contact us if you would like to donate directly to the Trust account or set up a regular support payment.

Jo Rusling
Having siblings that came as foster children and fortunately stayed forever has made me aware of the multitude of obstacles children of New Zealand can face. Some children are lucky and are given support yet others face a road of turmoil and muddling through life. What a privilege to be behind a cause such as Stop the Bus. Changing the landscape ahead of our young people who suffer is imperative. - Jo is a small business owner of The Activist at the Colab in Te Awamutu and a local squash champ in her spare time!
The Colab
Campbell Stewart
It can be hard to know where to start with the issue of child abuse. The Stop The Bus project excited me because of its purpose to inspire and equip New Zealanders to make a difference in their communities, even through simple or small acts of kindness. By sharing what other community champions and groups are doing to combat child abuse and enhance child wellbeing, ideas can be spread, new ideas can be born, and movements can find new support. It's our future New Zealand - let's stop the abuse. - Campbell is a property and trusts lawyer with Tompkins Wake. He also holds a bus licence which is super helpful to this project!
Tompkins WakeTompkins Wake
Kat Merewether
When Erinna and Chris first came to me with the concept of Stop the Bus, I thought it sounded really hard. Getting people to talk about child abuse. Getting people to really listen to the shocking truth, statistics directly related to the serious injury and death of so many of our precious children, our tamariki. But, we all need to stand up and take responsibility for our country, for our people, for our children. Erinna and Chris are standing up, putting themselves out there, and having an open discussion with the whole of Aotearoa - and their chosen media is film. Not focusing on the hopelessness of the situation, instead focusing on the amazing things happening around our country, the people that have made a change, the people that want to create change, and the support networks that are available to those in need. And, hopefully, each one of us will see there is something that we can do to help. We are not hopeless. We have strength in community, strength in our people and the strength is to change our future. Kat is a children's book author/illustrator and creator of Kuwi the Kiwi series.
Illustrated PublishingIllustrated Publishing
Carl Sheridan
We are all equal at birth, we are human, we are people, yes we are different but we are exactly the same. Every person grows up with the right to be treated the same, to be safe, to be loved and to be treasured. Society has become alienated through greed and the desire for individual benefit and we have forgotten what it takes to coexist as species. I have 2 beautiful young boys, I long for NZ to be a place where they can be free, to be expressive and not to be judged, where they can walk the streets and feel safe but most of all that they know that every young child has that same opportunity and that they have the power to make that happen. What we do today impacts on our world 20-30 years from now and it starts here now with me. My contribution to Stop the Bus is small but a lot of small makes a lot. It is our job. Carl is owner at Walton Street Eatery and a visionary connector of people.
Walton StreetWalton Street