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A Good Story (a great one)

A Good Story (12 mins)
We spent a week with SUPA – SaintzUp Performing Arts Trust and we were deeply moved. We have not stopped raving about these guys since we left. The media love sharing the bad stories from South Auckland so we are more than happy to counter that with a good one. A great one!

Before you watch this, we feel that it is necessary to point out that the issues we are facing in New Zealand with child safety are not a Māori or a Pacific Island problem. It is all of ours. We are made up of diverse communities and a one-size-fits-all approach fails to value some of our people. Why is that important? It is about connection, not isolation, empowerment not limitations. The flow-on effect that a connected, empowered child can have in our society moving forward cannot be undervalued. We truly believe in backing passion and vision from within our communities.

We can not wait to visit our new friends for life again – SUPA directors, Nainz, Becks and the kids. Many thanks again for sharing your heart with us (and those delicious Samoan panekeke) x

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  • January 22, 2018 AT 11:14 pm
    Lot human

    Yozaaa im from Bruce McLaren Intermediate and nainz and becks are awesome!


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