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A day in Moerewa

This is a snippet into a day of our bus life… we dropped Erinna off at a local fitness class while Chris & the boys checked out the streets of Moerewa.
One of the things we know from our research is that the hard stuff happening within our families is not limited to one race or one ‘class’ of people… It is across the board. Please keep that knowledge in mind when watching any of our clips as our intention is never to put blame on groups of people. One thing we do know is that poverty can put significant stress on families. Poverty can be the result of many influencing factors and some of the communities we are visiting have suffered a number of these.
What you see in our videos is not rigged, we go out and the stories unfold before us. What is incredible is the number of people we find volunteering time to empower those around them. This comes in all forms – reclaiming cultural identity, enhancing skills & trade, and providing & caring for oneself/and family.
Sometimes people share different opinions of the way forward, but there isn’t necessarily a right or wrong answer. More people doing what they can, in the way they know best, for the people around them will maximise that impact.
We must say we fell in love with this place – such welcoming, friendly people.
More to come…

Peria School & a Rope Swing
Kōrero with Hone Harawira


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