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Matt Brown – My Fathers Barber

MYou know someone is legit when multiple people tell us amazing stories about that person. That is what we got when we were in Ōtautahi, everytime we mentioned to someone that we were visiting Matt Brown of My Fathers Barbers, we would hear a new story of the incredible stuff he was doing within the community.
Matt Brown in person is a very humble man. We turned up at the barbers to film with him and he quietly mentioned to me about arranging his barbers to give the boys a cut while we were there. I casually responded ‘sure!’ but not actually clicking that he meant for my own sons who were there with us . Matt is an example of someone who uses his mahi to truly show value for men and kids. Having been raised in an environment of violence and poverty, Matt understands firsthand the importance of connection. My Fathers Barbers is not only renowned for excelling at their craft, they really do provide a place of connection and all the barbers are trained to reflect that.

Please, this clip is a must watch.

What can you offer to value children, family, people within your community?
Every small act of kindness has impact.

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