Kat Merewether

When Erinna and Chris first came to me with the concept of Stop the Bus, I thought it sounded really hard.  Getting people to talk about child abuse.  Getting people to really listen to the shocking truth, statistics directly related to the serious injury and death of so many of our precious children, our tamariki. But, we all need to stand up and take responsibly for our country, for our people, for our children.  Erinna and Chris are standing up, putting themselves out there, and having an open discussion with the whole of Aotearoa – and their chosen medium is film. Not focusing on the hopelessness of the situation, instead focusing on the amazing things happening around our country, the people that have made a change, the people that want to create change,  and the support networks that are available to those in need.  And, hopefully, each one of us will see there is something we can do to help. We are not hopeless. We have strength in community, strength in our people and the strength to change our future.
Kat is a children’s book author/illustrator and creator of Kuwi the Kiwi series.