Carl Sheridan

We all equal at birth, we are human, we are people, yes we are different but we are exactly the same. Every person grows up with the right to be treated the same, to be safe, to be loved and to be treasured. Society has become alienated through greed and the desire for individual benefit and we have forgotten what it takes to coexist as a species.   I have 2 beautiful young boys, I long for NZ to be a place where they can be free, to be expressive and not be judged, where they can walk the streets and feel safe but most of all that they know that every young child has that same opportunity and that they have the power to make that happen. What we do today impacts our world 20-30 years from now and it starts here now with me. My contribution to Stop the Bus is small but a lot of small makes a lot. It is our job to connect, to spread the message and collectively make a difference.
Carl is owner at Walton Street Eatery and a visionary connector of people.