The Doco

A cross platform and interactive documentary which involves the people of New Zealand coming together on the issue of Child Abuse.

Family Violence has become such a prevalent issue in our country that many of our people have become accustomed to turning a blind eye. Many of our attitudes are either to switch off ‘because it’s so horrific and we feel hopeless’ or ‘it’s not my problem’.

New Zealand, Aotearoa is a stunning country, like a big back yard, the ideal place for us to raise our children. Our country begs for family fun and adventure. So why are we, the people of this country, letting our children down?

We are putting our family of 6 on a bus for a year so that we can explore New Zealand and investigate the issue of child abuse. A big part of this journey will be exploring our diverse communities and getting involved in local activities whilst exploring what we can do to contribute to change. We aim to address some of the false assumptions made about child abuse in New Zealand and build pride in who we are as people and our cultures.

Our children need a champion, someone they can trust, to nurture them, to love them, to advocate for them and in some cases to show them another way. We know that there are many individuals and groups doing amazing things in their communities that are helping combat child abuse. We want to seek out these ‘Community Champions’ and shine a light on the work they are doing. Hopefully this will empower and inspire others in their own communities.

We will show that even small acts of kindness can be very powerful in creating positive change.

The most poignant part of this documentary is this – “Te Whānau Whānui” We have a vision of people from all walks of life linking arms across the length of New Zealand. We want this to be a movement that is so big, it is forever etched as a time in history where we as a nation stood for something together and committed to change.

As we move through each location, schools, community groups, sports clubs and individuals will be invited to come together to make a stand and link arms across a stretch of land in that area. This may include iconic locations of New Zealand, pieces of highway, mountains, rivers, rugged land, lush land.

The changing landscapes, and our diverse people coming together will form a symbolic message for the premise of this documentary. “New Zealand is an amazing country but let’s stop hiding, let’s be honest, let’s talk about this, let’s open our eyes, let’s own this problem, let’s commit to change. To make a difference, it involves us all.”

We believe our culture of abuse can change and every bit counts. This is the journey of showcasing ‘ordinary’ New Zealanders doing what they can. We aim to inspire and empower more New Zealanders to practice tika, pono, aroha and manaakitanga for our children.

This film is to be Produced by Big Kid Films